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Exploring Rajasthan- The Land of Maharajas

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When talking of a country best at attracting tourists from different parts of the world, India is the name that many recommend. With Delhi being the capital city and one of the major tourist destinations, this country has many to offer from its end. And a name that cannot be missed here is ‘Rajasthan’ – The land of maharajas, forts and colours. Besides the fact that this state has a lot to offer for the tourists to explore, it is also known for its deluxe guest houses and hotels as well as its undiluted hospitality.

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Highway Or The Narrow Gloomy Lane?- It’s All Upto You – Maya


The lane you had been walking through or still stuck is narrow, gloomy, scattered with stones. Even slightest distraction can put you in trouble; can make you end up meeting accidents—-But the lane doesn’t hold any grudge against you. It has no intention to put you in trouble. It is just too narrow and is pleading you to retain your consciousness and patience while passing it.

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