Highway Or The Narrow Gloomy Lane?- It’s All Upto You – Maya

Highway Or The Narrow Gloomy Lane?- It’s All Upto You – Maya


The lane you had been walking through or still stuck is narrow, gloomy, scattered with stones. Even slightest distraction can put you in trouble; can make you end up meeting accidents—-But the lane doesn’t hold any grudge against you. It has no intention to put you in trouble. It is just too narrow and is pleading you to retain your consciousness and patience while passing it.

Once you successfully cross this narrow gloomy lane, there is a properly engineered highway ahead. It is smooth, assures you of great speed but doesn’t make any promise to keep you away from all troubles. There are many who are heading for their destination each day via this highway. While some successfully complete their journey, some succumb to their reckless attitude.

The ‘Narrow gloomy lane’ is the past and the depressing present situation you are in while the ‘smooth well engineered highway’ is the bright future you can meet once you successfully walk past the lane. But it is your ATTITUDE that will decide whether you will let accidents come in your way and prevent you from succeeding or will you reach your final destination
with utmost peace.

Let not Past to decide your Future. Let Present do the miracle for every creature on this planet has its own share of happiness. But it is you who can only decide how to attain the same.

Grab the opportunities you have in hand. Start the journey afresh. Let the coming days mark the beginning of your new life. Bid bye to your frustrations. Take a deep breath. Chalk out your plans and make a steady move.


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