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Beef Tacos- A Yummylicious Mexican Cuisine You Should Try

I first tasted this after I came to the USA and would say that Tacos are a speciality from the list of food that my husband can make. Tacos are one of the authentic Mexican dishes that is believed to have its origin in the 19th century. According to sayings, the very first variant of taco was called ‘taco de minero’ which means ‘miner’s tacos’. Well have you ever felt like tacos resemble a dynamite stick? It is also believed that the term taco refers to small pieces of paper used by miners to wrap around the gunpowder and put it in holes carved at the rock surface.

So, it is important to note that taco is a fairly new food when compared to other Mexican dishes hailing from the Aztec times. Tacos are available in numerous styles that you can feast on. Of them, beef taco is a popular one. Now if you want to keep away from the daily taste of pizza, burgers and fries and wish to try out something different, beef taco is one you can go for. Check out the recipe to prepare beef tacos for 2.


  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 1 cup thick and Chunky salsa
  • 10 taco shells
  • ½ Shredded lettuce
  • 3/4th cup Chopped medium tomatoes
  • 4 ounce shredded cheddar cheese
  • Sour Cream(optional)
  • Guacamole (optional)

Steps To Prepare Beef Tacos

Step 1- Cook the ground beef in a skillet about 10 inch over medium- low heat for 10 minutes. Make sure to stir it occasionally unless it turns brown. Once done, drain it using a strainer.

Step 2- Add salsa to beef and stir well. Heat it to boiling and stir constantly under medium to low heat. Cook this for 5 minutes and once done, pour the beef mix into a large bowl.

Step 3- Heat the taco shells on the skillet but make sure not to burn them.

Step 4– Serve the taco shells alongside the beef mixture, chopped tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.

And if you want to try out the way we have tacos, you can go ahead adding some guacamole and sour cream to it. I bet you are going to fall for beef tacos and long for it more often.



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Situated about 300miles south of India’s beach capital Goa lies Kerala. Often referred as ‘God own country’, this state has a lot to offer to its visitors when it comes to natural beauty. This ranges from the palm-engulfed beaches to the lush green fields, enchanting backwaters as crystal clear waterfalls. Also Kerala houses some national parks and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries of the nation.

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Falling prey to over-thinking about anything- whether serious or not; can happen very easily. So, if you keep thinking and thinking about any specific topic for quite a long time period, ask yourself few simple questions. According to a research, it has been pointed out that broadening such perspectives via the use of these questions can help to curb down the habit of over-thinking. If not taken care at its very initial sight, over-thinking can end up taking a toll on your emotional and physical balance, making your life difficult.

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Exploring Rajasthan- The Land of Maharajas

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When talking of a country best at attracting tourists from different parts of the world, India is the name that many recommend. With Delhi being the capital city and one of the major tourist destinations, this country has many to offer from its end. And a name that cannot be missed here is ‘Rajasthan’ – The land of maharajas, forts and colours. Besides the fact that this state has a lot to offer for the tourists to explore, it is also known for its deluxe guest houses and hotels as well as its undiluted hospitality.

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Highway Or The Narrow Gloomy Lane?- It’s All Upto You – Maya


The lane you had been walking through or still stuck is narrow, gloomy, scattered with stones. Even slightest distraction can put you in trouble; can make you end up meeting accidents—-But the lane doesn’t hold any grudge against you. It has no intention to put you in trouble. It is just too narrow and is pleading you to retain your consciousness and patience while passing it.

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