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How To Overcome Over Thinking

Falling prey to over-thinking about anything- whether serious or not; can happen very easily. So, if you keep thinking and thinking about any specific topic for quite a long time period, ask yourself few simple questions. According to a research, it has been pointed out that broadening such perspectives via the use of these questions can help to curb down the habit of over-thinking. If not taken care at its very initial sight, over-thinking can end up taking a toll on your emotional and physical balance, making your life difficult.

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Highway Or The Narrow Gloomy Lane?- It’s All Upto You – Maya


The lane you had been walking through or still stuck is narrow, gloomy, scattered with stones. Even slightest distraction can put you in trouble; can make you end up meeting accidents—-But the lane doesn’t hold any grudge against you. It has no intention to put you in trouble. It is just too narrow and is pleading you to retain your consciousness and patience while passing it.

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